2022 OSM Foundation election - Candidates' answers and manifestos published


Answers and manifestos

The answers of the board candidates to the official questions by Michael Collinson -and the manifestos- have been published on the OSM wiki.

Each page contains the answers to a single question. I have also created a table at the bottom of the page above, where you will find a link to each answer.

The official questions by @MichaelCollinson were based on questions by the community and from previous years.

Voting-related information

Voting start: Saturday, 3rd of December, after 16:00 UTC - Countdown

Voting end: Saturday 10th of December, at 16:00 UTC, when the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will start.

Please read the alert boxes and follow the instructions before voting.
You risk casting a blank vote otherwise

Information for the 2022 Annual General Meeting is on the OSMF website.

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