3 relations for roman limes


There are currently 3 relations about the same subject but with different members.

The first one is member of the second one, member of the third one.

Name of the first relation is coherent with wikipedia page.
Same thing for the second relation.
But the third relation has the wikidata of the second relation and the wikipedia of the first one.

On english wikipedia, there also are 3 different pages

The first one is for the UNESCO site (the first relation), which is a part of the limes in Germany (second wikipedia and second relation) which is a part of the limes around roman empire (currently no relation in osm, could be the third relation which could also contain the relation 933533).

Of course, for each relation, members need to be controlled because currently the third relation has members which should probably be moved to the first or second relation.

Some members are missing, for example this node 279526575 is not in a relation when it should probably be in the first one.

What do you think about my proposal of the hierarchy of these 3 relations and about moving some members from one relation to another one ?

note : sorry, I had added links to the relations/nodes but this forum doesn’t want more than 3 links so I had to remove them.

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