3 years issue with individual making subjective deletions, created 8 accounts, etc

Hi all,

Please, I need a community wide analysis and opinion. Since May 2021, I noticed an individual with whom I used to cooperate often, making subjective deletions such as ways, most in nature or parks even though they have structures (steps, benches, bridges…) or topographic elements. He also inserted false data confirmed by others and made undiscussed wide country changes in DE and LU. He is also active in FR and recently in BE where I reactivated 9 of his notes and demonstrated there his errors but he keeps closing them without discussion. Discussion had been already done in 2021 but he made linguistic discrimination (we have 3 official languages in LU), demeaning statements and pseudo psychological analysis on me via PM. DWG has been warned, @SomeoneElse and @woodpeck suggested to cooperate and discuss it here. Though, because of his bad attitude, created 8 different accounts, some being sock-puppets, made false claims and unethical statements, he doesn’t show any reasonableness. His latest account is Kugelbaum confirmed by another contributor.

To backup this thread, in this document, I’ve gathered his 8 known accounts and 35 examples with evidences (links to photos, videos, GPS activities, people’s testimonies) where he flawed/deleted data (including the 2 below I inserted here for direct in-thread examples).

Thank you for your dedication!

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