3D rendering of courtyards on many parts office complex

Been working on and off at a large tax office complex, today adding a top layer (light grey) and courtyards (1-8), some just cut-outs of building part edges and some at center of a building element so actually formatted as a multipolygon (parts 2 & 3). The only tag added was man_made=courtyard on the ‘inner’ parts. The result on F4Map is that the building=* outline is actually properly dropped in the 3D rendering with the parts rendered with their respective levels, except where the courtyards are resulting in 8 towers rather than gaps.

Notably I’ve seen tags on building:parts in past of building:levels=0 (to force the hand?) but is that proper regardless of there being like 277K entries in TagInfo with that value?


Edit: Link to building Way: ‪Agenzia delle Entrate, Centro Operativo di Pescara‬ (‪1225384828‬) | OpenStreetMap noting that a type=building relation was not created. All height=* tags were meantime removed as the courtyards seemed to assume the height as entered on the building outline.

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