3D-tagging of simple houses with just dormers

Hey guys!

I’ve been tagging roofs and buildings with 3D tags for quite a while now and ever so often, I come across a simple house with a roof with just 1 or 2 dormers and nothing else. Read: if it wasn’t for the dormers, then I wouldn’t even need to use building parts. When tagging such a building, I have 3 options:


  • Option 1: If I only add the dormer with building:part=yes to the building, the rest of the building won’t be rendered. Which is correct by definition. Doesn’t work of course.
  • Option 2: If I add another building:part with the same outline as the building itself, this is flagged as an error by JOSM, because we now have 2 ways with the same outline.
  • Option 3: If I add a building:part=yes to the building=detached way, JOSM complains that a building cannot be a building part at the same time.

I’m currently using option 2, but I’m wondering, if there is a better, JOSM-error-free way of achieving this, or whether I should probably flag the warning as a potential bug to the JOSM developers.

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