A Local Knowledge Dilemma? - A Data-Driven Alert for OSM

Hi all,

In my capacity as HOT’s Community Strategist and Research Lead, I would like to share with you a closer look at the evolving landscape of OpenStreetMap (OSM) contributors, especially in the context of local knowledge and its crucial role in our mapping efforts in some countries.

Our study reveals a trend in local knowledge contributions in OpenStreetMap: a small but dedicated number of local mappers, making up just about 3% of contributors who are in the area mapping, is responsible for approximately 75% of the detailed mapping contributions.

This study enables further opportunities for data-analysis & research in your local countries and I hope it’s useful to understand better the dynamics and opportunities ahead to keep growing and supporting a sustainable OSM.

I hope you like it!

Note: All code to re-create the study in new locations has been published and can be run locally or using a Google Collab notebook by non-technical people in less than 15 minutes.

@pedrito1414 presented this work on my behalf during de SoTM EU 2023

2023: The Local Knowledge Dilemma: A Data-Driven Alert for OSM

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