AASHTO’s USBRS Proposals, Spring 2024 Round (new national bicycle route proposals)

Hello fellow cyclists and mappers, it is that time again! (Each year, AASHTO has Spring and Autumn Rounds for USBRs).

State Departments of Transportation (state DOTs) have proposed to AASHTO the following new United States Bicycle Routes (USBRs) for the USBRS Spring 2024 Round:

USBR 15 in Florida (extension to connect to USBR 1 in Homestead, fully entered)
USBR 76 in Wyoming (new route; fully entered)
USBR 51 in Arkansas (new route; now being entered, “has dibs” already)
USBR 85 in California (new route): NEEDS SOME OSM MAPPER LOVE!
USBR 95 in California (awaits a final April meeting in Santa Cruz County, “has dibs” already)

The Proposed section of our USBRS wiki [1] has a link for this Round to the DOTs collateral (map graphics, turn-by-turn spreadsheet…), along with AASHTO’s permission link and instructions on the tagging [type=route, route=bicycle, network=ncn…] to correctly enter USBR 85 in California into OSM. This route is “seeded” so its relation number is linked in the wiki’s Proposed table (85 row).

If you need help building a bicycle route relation in OSM, ask for help in the Talk page (or here), and we’ll get you started with whatever assistance you need. Entering USBRs can be fun, though at 788 miles, USBR 85 is a lengthy route, so some assistance at entering these data into OSM is welcome!

Let’s complete USBR 85 by July 4th! Thank you for volunteering USBRs to OSM again.

[1] United States Bicycle Route System - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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