AASHTO's USBRS Proposals, Autumn 2023 Round (new national bicycle route proposals)

Hello fellow cyclists and mappers, it is that time again! (Each year, AASHTO has Spring and Autumn Rounds for USBRs).

State Departments of Transportation (state DOTs) have proposed to AASHTO the following new United States Bicycle Routes (USBRs) or realignments to USBRs for the USBRS Autumn 2023 Round:

USBR 1 in Florida (Palm Beach, Riviera Beach realignments)
USBR 1 in Maine (in the towns of Kennebunk, Arundel, Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, and Scarborough to more closely realign with East Coast Greenway and Eastern Trail)
USBR 25 in Ohio (minor to moderate realignments designated on spreadsheet in blue and yellow, peach tinting for Cincinnati SE deletions)
USBR 30 in Ohio (minor realignments due to local route preferences in Genoa and Eastlake)
USBR 76 in Virginia (Palmyra realignment)
USBR 187 in Alaska (new route: Beaver Falls to Settlers Cove)
USBR 387 in Alaska (new route: Prince of Wales island spur)
USBR 587 in Alaska (new route: Craig to Klawock)
USBR 787 in Alaska (new route: Thane to Echo Cove)

The Proposed section of our USBRS wiki [1] has a “Round Link” to the DOTs collateral (map graphics, turn-by-turn spreadsheets…), along with AASHTO’s permission link and instructions on the tagging [type=route, route=bicycle, network=ncn…] to correctly enter these routes into OSM. In the past, these routes were “seeded” so their relation number could be immediately linked in the table. This Round, no such seeds have been built, so please create a state’s bicycle route relation as described in that section, then link its relation number in the correct wiki table row with a BrowseRelation directive. Don’t worry, it’s straightforward to copy-paste the many other examples and follow the instructions there. If not, or you need help building a bicycle route relation in OSM, ask for help in the Talk page (or here), and we’ll get you started with a seed relation (and link) or whatever assistance you need. These can be fun, and the easiest ones tend to get entered the quickest, so grab one soon!

Let’s complete these routes by the end of 2023. And thank you in advance for volunteering in OSM.

(Edit: I forgot USBR 387 and 587 in Alaska, now properly linked and included).

[1] United States Bicycle Route System - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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