About making OSM's messaging features more efficient

What are your thoughts on making OSM(iD editor)'s messaging features more efficient?

Many users don’t even notice receiving messages.
OSM’s users don’t necessarily overlap with forums or wikis. It also does not overlap with other communication channels.
As a result, there are many editors who edit without interacting or communicating with others, and among them, there are editors who use non-agreed methods, but there is no way to contact them.
Better communication, even if it’s just in OSM, will lead to better editing, better communication, and better bonding.

I can’t offer a definitive alternative right now, but

  1. I think the display of messages should be more prominent.
  2. I think it is also necessary to convey the initial information of subscription. Quite a few people seem to think it’s just a formal message.
  3. I wish the process of receiving and sending messages was easier.
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