Accessibility on walking/cycling routes

In the UK local governments and organisations are supposed to design walking and cycling infrastructure with regard to disabled people. So dropped kerbs must be used at junctions, turning radii must be compatible, etc. And importantly, any and all barriers must allow what’s known as the “cycle design vehicle”.

Since 2010, barriers that exclude disabled people from cycle routes are discriminatory and therefore illegal. But local councils are ignorant of discrimination laws and therefore many thousands of these barriers remain.

Is there a tag that can be used, or perhaps created, that specifies whether a route, or obstacle on that route, is compatible with the above vehicle? For now I’ve taken to tagging such barriers with wheelchair=x (either using yes, no, or limited), but perhaps we need a more informative tag. Something that specifies the maximum length that a cycle can be to safely pass such a barrier?

Right now disabled users of route mapping software that relies on OSM are gambling on whether they can use a route or not. Here’s are some examples of discriminatory barriers (please do not start on about motorcycle abuse, that is a separate discussion):

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