Accidental likes on mobile devices

When I swipe trough a topic on my smartphone it happens that I accidentally touch the screen at the position of the heart symbol below a posting. The heart turns red and I gave a like to the posting without being aware and I end up with lots of likes that I did not want to give. Reverting an accidental like seems only possible while viewing the post but not afterwards.

If this is not a single issue for myself I would propose to have liking on mobile devices in two steps, as it is already the case where different “likes” are available (thumb up/down): tap on the heart opens a pop-up with a heart, a second tap confirms.

Subsidary question: when I realized that I made lots of likes this way I deleted my account and recreated one. I wonder what happened to the likes I made with the old account. In general, it seems a bit strange to me to have subsequent forum accounts linked to the same OSM account, apparently without any visible relationship between them. Wouldn’t it be better to reactivate the previous account in those cases, at least to propose it?

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