Addresses of objects / operators / owners

I wonder about the way we add the addresses/locations of objects and postal addresses of operators and owners of objects. I think it’s useful to have a defined way to add this information, but there’s a bit of incoherency. I’d like to ask for your opinion whether we should add a few lines in the wiki, especially to the pages Key:operator and Key:owner.

According to the Wiki we have a few defined keys (using ‘street’ as a placeholder for all address parts):

  • fire_hydrant:street
  • object:street
  • operator:addr

These tags are all established and used > 10k times. There are several more keys according to Taginfo:

  • memorial:addr:street (used very locally due to an import in 2014)
  • object:addr:street (~ 100 times)
  • operator:addr:street (~ 100 times)
  • owner:addr:street (1 time)

My preferred way would be to suggest to use ‘operator:street’ and ‘owner:street’ and to drop the ‘addr’ part of the key to stay consistent with the established tags. Additionally we can recommend to use ‘operator:addr’ and ‘owner:addr’ if someone wants to avoid splitting the information into several tags, use would be equivalent to ‘addr:full’.

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