Adjusting Imagery Offset using USGS Topos

I’m mapping geographic features in a remote region of Alaska and am looking for the best way to ensure that the satellite imagery is correctly aligned, that is, has the proper offset. There are no GPS traces or man-made features to help decide this. I’m using satellite imagery from several providers, Bing, Mapbox, and ESRI Clarity, depending on the quality, cloud cover, snow cover, of the particular layer in the area I’m mapping. Unfortunately, they do not align with one another. In fact, as I move the viewport along the Noatak River from east to west the relative offset differences among those layers seem to change, perhaps because the area is so close to the polar regions (latitude 68 N).

My question is, which one is closest to reality?

I’m using the USGS Topo maps (layer: USA/Mexico/Canada/Scandinavia Topo Maps) for names of lakes, rivers, and mountains, and I’m wondering if that layer might be geolocated with enough accuracy within JOSM to use to align the other layers? Many geographical features have changed over the years since those maps were compiled but, IIRC, they were very accurately made.

Does anybody have any information about the positional accuracy of the USGS Topo maps? Or any recommendations about how to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance.

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