Affiliations ("Titles") should not be used in everyday communication

I do not like that fact that the contributions by many people are made to look more important by prominently displaying their status or group affiliation. I am a member of Data Working Group but this is irrelevant to 99% of things I say on this forum, and I have hence disabled this under “Title” in my preferences. I notice that many others proudly display their affiliation or heightened status - be that “Forum Governance Team”, “Germany Moderator”, or “Leader” (wtf?). It makes sense to show these where they are relevant - e.g. if a moderator chooses to step in when someone misbehaves, it can be useful to make it clear that they are doing this in their job as a moderator. But where people participate not in their role but as a private individual, I would like to see people’s contributions judged on content and not on status or group affiliation.

I propose to encourage everyone to disable the “title” setting and only use it where relevant. Alternatively, I propose to disable the concept of publicly visible affiliation altogether, at least where it symbolises heightened status.

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