AI mapping in Sydney CBD

Over this last week or so, we have been discussing some recent AI mapping in Sydney CBD. shows everything that was done. & Mapping the world's sidewalks with AI, one image at a time give some more info.

After contacting them, they have advised:
"As suggested, we will set up an organised editing Wiki page to clarify our workflow.

Our workflow should be semi-automated since we use computer vision models to detect street furniture and manually verify every image and object by our team. This work was presented at two conferences namely State of The Map Asia 2022 in Legazbi "Moving from car-centric to people-centric mapping: using artificial intelligence and computer vision to map sidewalks” and State of The Map US 2023 in Richmond”. We tried uploading our dataset from Sydney CBD via JOSM last month. We checked to make sure that there are no false positives in our dataset. However, our team did not check whether any duplicates already existed on OSM prior to our upload. We will make sure a manual (human supervised) validation and checking for duplicates are in place for any future edits on OSM.

I put together some slides to briefly show our workflow. I will be happy to set up a meeting to answer any questions. Please see these slides using this link. tl7-31-osm.pdf - Google Drive"

Anybody who wants to talk to them regarding the import & how it’s going to work, please do so! PM via TanaponL | OpenStreetMap may be easiest?

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