Amenity=bbq without grill / grate ?!

Recently, has been documented with some 232 uses, to map whether leisure=firepit and amenity=bbq have a grate (AKA cooking grate / grill / cooking grid).

While it might be useful for leisure=firepit, I do not think it makes sense for amenity=bbq at all.

BBQ grill is a place that has some way to contain a fire and a grill/grate/grid on which food is cooked. If it misses that grill, then it in my opinion can hardly be classified as amenity=bbq, but is instead fire ring / fire pit (see Fire ring - Wikipedia) which is according to wiki to be tagged as leisure=firepit instead.

Who do others think? does amenity=bbq + grate=no make any sense to you, or should it be documented as discouraged?

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