Amenity=fuel: highway=service with or without service=driveway

Although my own tagging practice and experience has been different for years, I recently stumbled across a recommendation in the wiki to use highway=service with service=driveway for amenity=fuel:

Tag:amenity=fuel - OpenStreetMap Wiki (in section “Surroundings”)

It is also a good idea to tag the ways leading to, through and away from the fuel station with highway=service + service=driveway

This addition was only made on 23.01.2020.

Previously, it was common practice for many years to use only highway=service, without service=driveway. Has this change been discussed before? Are there any good reasons for using driveway that I am not aware of?

Or is this (once again) an individual opinion of a single user and an undiscussed change in the wiki? Should this be reversed?

We have already discussed this in the German forum and a clear majority voted in favour of highway=service without service=driveway.

A random visual check with overpass-turbo revealed that there are only a few petrol stations whose highway=service is additionally tagged with service=driveway. Some of these have been there for many years, others were only added after the change in the wiki.

Thank you for your opinions.

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