An 18-sided fence sports pitch

Today our task is to make an 18-sided fenced sports pitch.

Simple. Draw a closed way, and then add the tags

  • leisure=pitch
  • sport=…ball
  • barrier=fence

But no. According to the wiki, the fence must be a separate object.

Okay now we have to draw the perimeter all over again.

All 18 corners, a second time.

But as we see in high magnification in various anonymous editors it’s rather hard to make all 18 corners match.

So I say forget about even trying.

And we didn’t use area=yes, nor area=no, so who’s to say whose polygon is it in the first place?

Oh sure, we can just copy the polygon and then try to paste it in the same spot (super hard, plus now 36 nodes (a waste) instead of 18} but that’s even a bigger mess.

P. S., It’s not a symmetrical 18-sided figure so forget about any instant tools.

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