🎉 Announcing: human-readable wikidata browser plugins for openstreetmap.org

Hi everyone,

I’ve developed browser extensions to automatically change those cryptic wikidata QID values into a human-readable form on the openstreetmap.org website. The iD editor has had a really good wikidata widget for quite some time and I felt that it was lacking that the main website does not. I’ve published plugins for both Chrome and Firefox.

Once installed, the plugin will convert all wikidata tags as well as all *:wikidata tags to a more human readable format, for example:


The wikidata tag value will still link to the relevant wikidata entry, but it will show the wikidata entry's label in larger text instead of the raw QID. The raw QID continues to be displayed in small text underneath. Below the wikidata tag entry, a new row containing a link to the associated wikipedia entry as well as the item's description.

If your browser is set to a language other than English, you should see browser-configured language values appear, with a fallback to English.

Additionally, if wikidata has a logo entry associated with the wikidata item, it will be shown in the info box as well. The link will still go to the item’s wikipedia page, but I’ve suppressed the wikipedia icon in these cases because it just doesn’t look as nice with both icons. The clip below shows a McDonald’s poi with my browser localized to Dutch.

The source code for these extensions can be found in GitHub here. Feel free to submit a ticket if you find a bug.

You can download the Chrome and Firefox versions of this plugin here:

Chrome extension:

Firefox extension:

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