AnnouncingšŸ“£: US boundary tagging QA checker

Iā€™m pleased to announce a new utility for finding issues with boundary relations in the United States. I operate a data consumer that uses boundary data, so having good boundary data is important to me. This utility inspects on boundaries with admin_level values between 7 and 9 as well as CDPs tagged boundary=census. I also cross-reference these boundaries with wikidata and (in the case of CDPs), the US Census Bureau.

The state-by-state validator findings can be found here: Boundary Quality Assurance Checks
The source code for this validator can be found here: GitHub - ZeLonewolf/wikidata-qa: Wikidata quality assurance scripts

These results will update daily.

At this point, I am the most interested in hearing feedback on the utility itself, and whether the checkers are picking up the right things, and if not, how the logic should work instead (the more specific, the better). I am also interested in any additional checks that I might implement at the tagging and correlation level, as there are other tools for checking geometry validity. If you are so motivated to correct any issues identified by this tool, that is of course most welcome!

This tool make use of external data from wikidata and the US Census Bureau. We may find that a problem flagged in this tool is a wikidata issue rather than an OSM issue, so I expect that state-by-state, someone knowledgeable will need to do some manual inspection on these findings to figure out how they should be resolved, or if the tool is reporting a false positive.

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