Anyone got any contacts at Strava?

Andy from OSM’s Data Working Group here. Someone has mentioned to us that Strava activities completed in this area are recorded as being in “Snowdonia National Park, Wales” . They believe that, following the recent renaming (see here), in English it should be something like “Eyri National Park”. See e.g. the park’s English website. OSM is I believe correct with it’s name, name:en and alt_name:en tags.

Strava’s maps come via Mapbox, but it’s unclear from the screenshots of Strava’s UI that I’ve seen whether the icorrect name is:

  • An area defined in Strava itself
  • An area imported via Mapbox, and Mapbox is perhaps using very old OSM data
  • Something user-defined created by a (different) Strava user

The DWG’s correspondent did of course try raising the issue with Strava’s support people, but despite a quite detailed explanation from the person pointing out the error, communication with the Strava person did not occur; they only replied “I recommend reaching out to [OpenStreetMap] directly,”.

If anyone has any contacts within Strava that might be able to respond in a slightly more helpful manner please email with a subject line of “[Ticket#2023080910000121] Strava and osm mismatch of place names”.

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