Appeal of moderation action by @apm-wa

This is an appeal regarding the moderator action taken by @apm-wa as per the process outlined in Etiquette/Process for Moderation - OpenStreetMap Wiki.

I am making this appeal public intentionally, as I believe that any serious violations such as this should be transparent and open to the community.

I have a reasonable belief that Mr. Allan Mustard has misused his authority against me and is not willing to engage in an open discussion. Any concerns I have raised are dismissed by him as ‘push-back’.

Here is the full context:

Let me highlight some key events:

1. @apm-wa issuance of “formal warning”

In my initial response, I respectfully pointed out to Mr. Allan that the reasons he provided for issuing a formal warning are invalid. In the references he attached, there is no information justifying his action. I explicitly stated that I would consider this warning invalid unless a correct justification was provided.

2. @apm-wa issuance of “final warning”

Upon reading my initial response, Mr. Allan corrected himself and provided a valid justification for his action. Unfortunately, he also stated, ‘If you continue to push back, you will be sanctioned. This is your final warning.’ It is disheartening to see this, as my concerns were valid and correct, evident from Mr. Allan’s own correction in his subsequent communication.

3. @apm-wa issuance of “28-day ban”

In my second message, I acknowledged the valid application of Etiquette Guidelines in this context:

I find the application of Etiquette Guidelines in this context to be valid.

I also expressed my legitimate concerns about the ideological reasons behind Mr. Allan’s action.

Unfortunately, Mr. Allan interpreted this as:

In view of your demonstrated unwillingness to accept the authority of the Etiquette Guidelines and your insistence that your objections to being admonished and formally warned are “valid”

I am appealing this moderation action in the interest of fairness and open discourse within the community.

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