Are fire hydrants' diameters often signed in Slovenia?

There is a StreetComplete quest that asks for the fire hydrant diameter (fire_hydrant:diameter) for emergeny = fire_hydrant. It looks like this in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg:

Does this sign also exist in Slovenia? One single photo in Wikimedia Commons might suggest so: Category:Fire hydrant signs in Slovenia - Wikimedia Commons
But is it widespread? Are many fire hydrants (maybe only underground ones) signed this way? If so, then we could easily enable the quest in Slovenia as well.

(The quest is only enabled in countries where we know that it is widespread. And the local sign is shown to make it easy to answer for the user; there are different fire hydrant diameter signs around the world.)

For reference: The code for the quest can be found at StreetComplete/app/src/main/java/de/westnordost/streetcomplete/quests/fire_hydrant_diameter/AddFireHydrantDiameter.kt at master · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub.

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