Are there any known issues with using Natural Earth data in OSM?

Other than how generalised it is of course.

It think it should be fine from their terms (saying all their data is public domain and no attribution is required) but as the the OSMF License compatibility page warns: "care must be taken to verify that it is actually in the Public Domain, that this is actually a meaningful concept in the territory the dataset was published in and that no third party rights are present (which for example might be the case in data produced in a “public-private partnership”). ", I wanted to see if anyone was aware of any of it being “contaminated” with non free data in any way?

I’ve just used its marine dataset as a bit of a guide to extents on my edit merging the two Straits of Florida elements we had so if there were any known issues with their sources I’d probably try to revert and try to redo from something else old enough to be out of copyright through age instead.

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