Attribution for a map base on notes

I want to create a WMS service based on OSM Notes. As part of the configuration, I could include a field called “attribution”. But several legal doubts arose.

First: Should I put “OSM Contributors” as attribution? I am not sure note creators have agreed with the terms of ODbL.

Second: What is the license of them? ODbL? Public domain?

Third: When I am taking information from notes to do a map change, does it complain with ODbL? is there any incompatibility?

I know that notes and changesets reside in the same Postgresql database, but the notes are not attached/protected with a license when a user is creating them.

In fact, if I am creating a WMS from notes, this is a derivative work from notes data. Is this allowed?

Notes could eventually include personal information (which the DWG should hide), but how OSM is protected for any issue could appear from this?

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