Attribution missing from maps by NRK

I have noticed that the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation (NRK) has begun using maps as part of their full screen media stories, like this one:

This looks like Mapbox GL to me, with Openstreetmap data (at least from what I can see from the slide featuring London).

All other media in these articles are credited in the bottom right corner, but these maps only have an (i), which is not clickable. Inspecting the HTML it seems the (i) will only pop up the attribution “NRK”.

It is my understanding that the way the ODbL works, is that the licensor, in this case the OSMF, directly licences the database to the licensee, in this case NRK as a customer of Mapbox. It is therefore NRK’s responsibility to provide proper attribution.

Anything else I should keep in mind before writing them a friendly email?

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