Audio in OSM


I made a map in your perfect environment and I also added {{{|40*300}}} to a Marker. And in your environment an audioplayer pops up. But when I open the marker in my website, there is no audioplayer visible. It is there, but without the html-codes that are visible in OSM.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make this work?


J’ai créé une carte dans votre environnement parfait et j’ai également ajouté {{{|40*300}}} à un marqueur. Et dans votre environnement, un lecteur audio apparaît. Mais lorsque j’ouvre le marqueur sur mon site Web, aucun lecteur audio n’est visible. Il est là, mais sans les codes html qui sont visible dans OSM.

Quelqu’un at-il une suggestion sur la façon de faire fonctionner cela?


Found one of the reasons just now. I linked to http:// and it should be https://. After changing that the audio appeared in the website.

But it still is not the solution of my problem. Only in FireFox the audioplayer appears good. In the other browsers it does not work as expected.

Anyone any idea or experience with this problem?