[Auf Englisch] MapRoulette challenge für "alte" amenity=restaurant

I created a challenge for the community to look at “old” restaurants (not updated since 2017) and I decided randomly to create a challenge for Austria. The goal is to take another look at these and updated them (delete if closed, add phone numbers, update / add hours, usw.). Here is is: MapRoulette

I would like it if you could let me know if you find this useful. Based on feedback I’m happy to change or delete it . My goal is to gather feedback to see how this challenge would need to be tweaked for different countries to make it useful.

Another useful thing would be to translate the instructions and description to German. If you would like to help with that, that would be great too.

Please feel free to write back in German, I can read it just fine, just my writing is terrible.

[edit] Here’s an example change I was able to make using this task

Thanks, Martijn / mvexel

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