Automated edit proposal - convert non-standard dashes to standard dashes

Before creating an Wiki page etc, just wanted to confirm first if this is feasible and makes sense:

Basically I want to convert non-standard dashes to standard dashes for opening_hours.

Problem: some (maybe all?) softwares can’t parse non-standard dashes, which breaks the opening hours data. See Organic Maps for example.

Possible solution: editors could fix that on the go, but iD doesn’t yet.

Proposed solution:

1 - retrieve all cases where there are opening_hours with non-standard dashes through an Overpass Turbo query.
2 - export the results to Level0 editor
3 - replace them at a local text editor (copy from Level 0, paste on text editor, replace, copy and paste back on Level0)
4 - upload data

I did a small test in a city, and I don’t think it broke anything.

Is there anything missing? I know I could improve the query to include all types of non-standard dashes, but just wanted to make it simple (everything simple, actually).

I appreciate if someone could come up with a more robust solution, but otherwise, I think this works quite fine.

Edit: obviously I would try to make “small” upload bbox areas, maybe country-wise.


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