Avoiding an edit war on bus stops

Issue: how to map bus stops with shelters.

Antefact: About two years ago we had a secession in the minuscule mappers community in Panama. At the moment we have the same individuals enjoying mapping on their own, some of us manage to chat on specific issues using a Telegram group, or the forum61. I am not aware of what other mappers agree with each other, if anything: I only see their activity in the map.

One of the mappers who was offended by my calls to quality and to coordination, he had left with this last changeset, and this last comment. These days He back to mapping, which is a good thing, but mapping precisely as I had hoped to correct, commenting precisely as SomeoneElse from the DWG asked him not to.

For example, these two bus stops:
he added them again as ways:

My approach here is to focus on the entities we’re producing, not on the failing interaction …

I know we should not “repeat ourselves” and that “one feature, one object”, but I do see this mapper’s point that the “shelter”, which has an extension, might be better mapped as a way than as a node.

I also know that we should not map for the renderer. On the other hand, the renderer does give us feedback on whether we’ve mapped things properly, or not. Feedback felt more strongly by the beginners among us.

My preference goes to mapping bus stops as nodes, to tag the node with shelter=yes, possibly bench=yes, and to represent the shelters extension as a building=roof (other example). The renderer sort of supports this style, drawing the shape of the building and showing the bus stop (example). Unfortunately, the other mapper discarded this suggestion. I also tried differently, with an amenity=shelter, but the feedback from the renderer is: (1) a generic shelter icon; (2) no shelter extension matching the way; (3) no bus stop icon.

What do other mappers do in such cases?
How to map?
Hints on how to interact will be appreciated, too.

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