Backcountry / Skitour -- Survey, how do you map?

When I work on styling our ski slopes on, I’m always uncomfortable when it comes to back-country skiing and how am I suppose to interpret the tags. Plus I’m a cross-country skier, so what do I know ?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for ski resorts to let a few pistes un-groomed so their skiers gets to know the fresh snow experience, and I’m told some resorts also ratrack ascents to very popular skitours.

This doesn’t help to differentiate practices, also because it is a field where mapping a particular itinerary could be considered border-line or too subjective for Openstreetmap.
This is why I’d like to run a survey among mappers to better understand how it is done right now.

Maybe from this we can learn something from each other and end up with a better documentation.

Now, your turn:
How do you map …

  • A well-known (specialized maps, topos, …) alpine skitour ascent you ride under your own liability
  • A well-known (specialized maps, topos, …) alpine skitour descent you ride under your own liability
  • A well-known (specialized maps, topos, …) unprepared cross-country-skiing itinerary (rather flat terrain, large nordic skis sufficient)
  • An official, secured and patrolled downhill piste shown in the resort skimap, however unprepared (ungroomed) on purpose
  • A skitour ascent, ungroomed, but managed and secured by a resort
  • A skitour descent ungroomed, but managed and secured a by a resort
  • A groomed skitour ascent, managed, secured and patrolled by a resort
  • A ski-mountaineering event trail
  • A well known run you saw a freeride competition video on the web
  • Your backyard favorites runs you share with a half dozen of friends
  • Something else ?

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