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Hi all,

as of 2021, Mapillary changed their API-version from 3 to 4 and during that, moved from an alpha-numeric 22-digit ID to a completely numeric one.

Back then, the Tagging-Mailinglist discussed the topic, prompted by a user who was using the Mapillary API to display images of drinking fountains in their app and couldn’t because the display api would no longer accept the legacy ID - with the consensus that something needed to be done.

I have since then worked on creating a “todo” database and finished work on scripts and everything in late August. I will start the edit process today for the first 1000 distinct old values and see how things go.

Important note: The automated edit will only change values in the mapillary-key that either contain the old ID ONLY or an https-link that JUST goes to the same ID. If there are multiple values or specific links to a zoom within the photo, these will not be changed as of right now (There are still 182k unique values where this is the case, so plenty of work to do!)

If you have any questions about the process, there’s a Wiki page on this, including a Discussion Page and a link to the Tagging-ML discussion. You can also always contact me via OSM-messaging.

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