Beginner's guide to route relations?

One of my interests in contributing to OSM is connected to my other passion which is mountain hiking. I would like to contribute by adding and correcting marked hiking routes in Bulgaria, and have made contact with Bulgarski Turisticheski Soyuz (BTS), the Bulgarian member of the European Ramblers Association. Probably the first project I’m going to work on is to update the Bulgarian part of the E8 so that how it is mapped on OSM will be in agreement with how it’s signposted on the ground and how BTS decides its course should be.
However, I find it difficult to get started. I understand that editing route relations is tricky as a wrong edit can easily lead to a mess with the order of ways in the relation. The wiki is not very helpful: Step by step guide - iD is a promising heading, but it’s nearly empty. The wiki also focusses mainly on creating a route relation from scratch, but doesn’t explain how to correct a map error without creating a mess. By this post I’d like to call on experienced route relation editors to write a beginner’s guide that I can get started with.

FYI you can find most of the notes I added while hiking the E8 two weeks ago in this view OpenStreetMap They illustrate some of the edits I’d like to be able to make.

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