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Hi, I have a micromapping question about benches. When I come across the SCEE “What’s this bench made of?” quest I don’t know what to answer. We agree that this is a material=wood bench: example (with cat)

But what about benches like this: example? Should it be mapped as material=wood or material=metal;wood? (I took a look with Overpass and most benches of this kind are mapped as material=wood atm).

Then I looked at the amenity=bench wiki, and I read:

  • material=* – What is the bench (seating) made from? e.g. wood, steel, stone.
  • surface=* – The surface of the seating if different from material=*

But I don’t really understand it (maybe because of my poor english). It says that surface=* is to be used when the “seating” is different from material=*, but material=* is also to be used for the “seating”, so what’s the difference?

There’s one example with material=concrete+surface=wood, it seems that material=* is to be used for the “base/frame” of the bench and surface=* for the “seating”. But this other example, is just mapped as material=wood, shouldn’t it be surface=wood+material=metal using the same logic?

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