Best practise of tagging in parking areas

Saw a few discussions to include which ways on a parking are considered aisles and which are service (the connecting ways so to speak). Some parkings have the blocks split such as the example below, the blocks having numbers such as P5 or Lane 7. The question is in the latter case of split parking blocks, is it best to only tag the parking/orientations on the parking blocks or only on the aisles or both where the wiki Parking - OpenStreetMap Wiki does not appear to make a recommendation, and starting to lean towards “depends on the mapped situation”

  1. With one big parking and varying orientations, tag only on the aisles.
  2. With one big parking and just single orientation, tag only on parking area
  3. With parking blocks as per the example, only parking details on the blocks, not on aisles
  4. Tag it on all.parking areas and aisles.

That 's of course for those who care to tag parking particulars at all.

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