Big import of accessibility data from the On Wheels app

Hi everyone, with the On Wheels app we have collected around 25 000 data nodes were we collect accessibility data for wheelchair users (mainly in Belgium), about shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, toilets, parking spaces, … Today this data is stored on a private server, but we want to add this data directly in OSM. We have been working on a new app that will view this data from OSM, but that can also add and edit existing data. This has been a slow and expensive process so far, discussing the right tagging and way to add the dataset to OSM. But we are getting closer and closer. There are some things we are still struggling with:

We create a node and add the different tags to it. So for the entrance and toilet.


  • entrance:step_count (for number of steps)
  • entrance:kerb:height (for the total height of the steps, of the kerb)
  • entrance:wheelchair:ramp (for a wheelchair ramp)
  • entrance:width (for the entrance door width)
  • entrance:wheelchair:turning_circle (for the turning circle)
  • entrance:automatic_door= (for an automatic door)
  • entrance:door= (for type of door)

These we previously discussed in the tagging email and received fairly positive. Please let us know if you see any problems with these tags.


So we are using the toilets:wheelchair tag when there is an accessible toilet in the building and adding these tags:

  • toilets:wheelchair:door_width (for the width of the door to the toilet)
  • toilets:wheelchair:space_side (for the free space next to the toilet)
  • toilets:wheelchair:space_front (for the free space in front of the toilet)
  • toilets:wheelchair:grab_rails (for the grab rails)
  • shower:wheelchair (for a wheelchair accessible shower)
  • hand_basin:wheelchair (for a wheelchair accessible hand basin)
  • changing_table= (for baby changing table)
  • changing_table:adult= (for adult changing table)
  • changing_table:location (for the location of the changing table)
  • changing_table:hoist (for if there is a hoist available)
  • changing_table:adjustable_height (for if the changing table is adjustable in height)

I think these we received well by the tagging community, but these tags are still in discussion and not clear yet:

  • highway:indoor:wheelchair:width= (we need a tag to indicate the smallest width going from the
    entrance to the toilet. This could be a tag to give the width of an
    indoor path for wheelchair users in the building).
  • toilet:accessible_via: (to indicate if the toilet is reachable with an elevator or stairs)

The other option is to ask people if there is an wheelchair accessible toilet, on what floor it is and if there is an elevator. If they say there is no elevator the toilet is not tagged as wheelchair accessible.
Please let us know if you have better ideas about this.

Other facilities/functions:

  • elevator:door:width=
  • elevator:width=
  • elevator:length=
  • atm:wheelchair=
  • reception_desk:wheelchair=

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