Bike box for motorcycles (motobox)

Hello nice people!

I just saw some news here in my beautiful city (Fortaleza, Brazil) that the municipality implemented over a thousand bike boxes (for motorcycles only, not bicycles). Since we have a great interaction with the municipality, I could ask them this data. But how to tag them?

I know we have right now cycleway=asl for bicycles only, but what about motorbikes?

There’s a very little discussion in that wiki page, and so far it seems bike boxes (for motorbikes) are very common in Brazil and in Spain, but I didn’t do further research.

Someone in Barcelona used the tag asl:motorcycle=yes, but I guess it’s the only case in the world according to Overpass. Around Paris, someone used bike_box=yes 4 times, but I think it’s mistagged (this edit happened 10 years ago, and now it has double tagging along cycleway=asl).

So, is there any way we could tag them? Here in Brazil they are called motobox, but I don’t know any English equivalent name.

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