Bitcoin Tagging

I think there is a need to rationalise and disambiguate the tagging for Bitcoin.

There is now consensus that places that accept the Bitcoin ‘currency’ as payment should use the currency:XBT tag, which seems sensible. Historically, people have used (and still do use) ‘payment=bitcoin’ to denote the same thing.

There are now new payment methods for Bitcoin the ‘currency’; namely Bitcoin Lightning and Bitcoin Lightning NFC. These are in addition to the original on-chain ‘payment method’ that is implicitly implied in the ‘payment:bitcoin’ tag.

The following seems most logical to me:

  • currency:XBT and bitcoin=accepted (deprecated) - Bitcoin the currency accepted.
  • payment:lightning - Lightning accepted. as a payment method.
  • payment:lightningnfc - Lightning NFC accepted as a payment method.
  • payment:onchain - Onchain accepted as a payment method.


  • The payment tags listed could be used in combination with other currencies.
  • There are screnarios where Bitcoin will only be accepted via the Lightning ‘payment method’.
  • There is a also discussion to be had around the migration of payment:bitcoin to currency:XBT AND payment:onchain. Historicially, payment:bitcoin implied onchain acceptance of Bitcoin as Lightning as a payment method didn’t exist.

What are peoples thoughts?

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