Bolt letter to OSM Community

Hello Austria OSM community,

We at Bolt are happy to introduce our company, our mission and, most importantly, our mapping objectives in Austria.

As a company, we are more than just another ride-hailing service. We’re on a mission to build cities for people, not cars. Committed to reducing the environmental footprint of mobility, we are fighting for better cities and a greener future by offering a better alternative to every purpose a private car serves.

Building a sustainable future is a goal Bolt and OSM have in common. Just like we care about our customers’ needs, people who contribute to OSM care about their communities’ prosperity.

OSM members create more than maps, they design a vital tool to improve the quality of life of the community.

Accordingly, where there is an active OSM community, there is good data coverage. In turn, it means that we can provide better services that make OSM a valuable part of data we use, along with other open and proprietary data sources. Bolt thrives for synergetic interaction with the OSM community. Being passive users of the data is not an aspiration we share, as well as tailoring an already well-functioning ecosystem of OSM to erroneous ends. Instead, we are willing to assist the community and become a part of it by resolving certain set of issues, such as improving road configuration, adding missing roads, one ways and turn restrictions, along with others.

You might have already noticed edits made by members of our team. Together with developing our operations in Austria we also aim to lay the foundation for a healthy dialogue, including constructive criticism, and further cooperation with the Austria OSM community.

You can find more information about our current work with OSM in this GitHub repository or on our Wiki page.

Feel free to reach out via messaging Bolt024 or Bolt051 .



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