Bolt - road improvement (en anglais)

L’entreprise Bolt a contacté la communauté via talk-fr pour aider à l’amélioration du réseau routier en France.

This tread is aimed to link Bolt’s activity with the french community.
Cette discussion aura lieu en anglais seulement / english only for this discussion.

Bolt editing activity is listed on this page Organised Editing/Activites/Bolt - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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According to the description, one-ways would be inferred from GPS tracks. This is error-prone.
Some time ago, Mapillary was proposing to tag this road with oneway=yes. This is wrong and can be seen as false using the aerial imagery (painted arrows on the narrow road shows that it is not a one-way) or the street imagery but just because you see a give-way sign from the adjacent road.
So please don’t tag as oneway=yes except if you have proves of that.

Likewise, transforming path into service is probably not correct, on countryside highway=track is probably a better option (usually you will find chemin d’exploitation/CE as reference for the track in the Cadastre - French land registry). IMHO, no automation is possible (except if you do those checks automatically) .

Hey bibi, thanks for the comment.

The only thing we do automatically is detecting possible candidates for editing. No edits are made automatically, and we use Mapillary, OSC, aerial imagery combined to review the candidate and never use just one source in order to validate the candidate. The edit is being made once we are 100% sure the road should be edited.

Hi, that is interesting. Do you think the local community could help?
In other words: would you have a shared tool that you use and that we can use too?

Hi, the tools we use are internal, and they can’t be shared externally at least for now.