Bot edit proposal: fixing wikipedia tags pointing at redirects in USA (where it can be done reliably)

How would you feel about automatically updating wikipedia tag redirect in USA in cases where for given element:

  • wikipedia tag exists
  • wikidata tag exists
  • Wikipedia article redirects to a new article
  • wikipedia and wikidata are mismatching
  • Redirect target matches existing wikidata on an element

Note that the last requirements handles cases where wikidata element points to Wikipedia redirect, not the target page.

It is useful as sometimes useful redirect are deleted at Wikipedia and then you need to clean that manually and it gets more complex[1]. And in general direct links are preferred over redirects.

See Mechanical Edits/Mateusz Konieczny - bot account/fixing wikipedia tags pointing at redirects in USA - OpenStreetMap Wiki for wiki docs.

It is useful to do this automatically as it is not worth human time to do the same manually. Sample of example edits is listed at (bot checks before edit, so substantially modified entries would be skipped)

I am running such bot edit for Poland - see Mechanical Edits/Mateusz Konieczny - bot account/fixing wikipedia tags pointing at redirects in Poland - OpenStreetMap Wiki so it would be just matter of enabling it for USA

See Changeset: 138714235 | OpenStreetMap Changeset: 138714812 | OpenStreetMap for an example edits (reviewed manually)

See Changeset: 138008736 | OpenStreetMap for an example edit in a bot mode (note different changeset tags).

Bot edit would be recurring and new entries also would be fixed.

(if you feel that such edit would be unwelcome in USA also let me know - in such case I can list such edit as requiring human review or stop reporting it at all, even as something potentially bottable)

See for general USA match page but it may load slowly due to its size.

note: not all states are being processed right now and new may be added in future

I am experienced with bot edits, including single case where I needed to revert some - and then I did it on my own. lists many reports where human help and review is welcome

MapRoulette was recently created for some subset and may export more such cases if people would be interested in using such lists

[1] see this for just nodes in some selected areas where wikipedia points to nonexisting article - some of them point to now deleted redirects. BTW, people fixed all cases in USA: let me know if anyone would want more reports from that area and would be interested in fixing what would be found

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