Bot edit proposal: update wikidata tag redirects, where updated value would match present wikipedia tag

How would you feel about automatically updating wikidata tag in cases where it is a redirect?

It would be limited to USA and to cases where wikipedia tag is present and it matches redirect target (internal report id is wikipedia wikidata mismatch - follow wikidata redirect).

See Changeset: 143409952 | OpenStreetMap for an example of such edit done as part of approved bot edit in Poland.

See Way History: ‪Haven Lake‬ (‪198517296‬) | OpenStreetMap for manual edit of such type in USA.

Edit would be grouped, with one changeset per USA state, edits would be done again if new cases would be found or would appear in future. has sample of edits (not all states are being processed by OSM-wikipedia-tag-validator-reports right now but it can change in future)

it appears that most cases are related to cleanup of Cebuano botpedia-related wikidata entries on Wikidata.

was also discussed in Slack

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