Boundary=religious_administration + admin_level=* = problems

If one consults the key:boundary and key:admin_level wiki pages, they seem to insist that admin_level key should be used only for boundaries of type administrative.

However, admin_level tag is also commonly used to indicate the level in the hierarchy of a boundary=religious_administration, with German, Polish, French, Hungarian etc. wikis even providing a precise subdivision mapping standard.

This combined outcome is not only contradictory as a whole, but also creates further problems. For instance, basing on the assumption from the first paragraph, some applications render administrative borders basing only on the presence of the admin_level key, ignoring the value of the boundary key. Which in turn leads some mappers to remove this level value from religious boundaries in OSM altogether, in order to “fix the map”… As can be seen e.g. in this thread.

religious_level key exists, but is sparsely used, and it’s proposal page is inactive.

Status quo seems to be unsustainable in the long run and can lead to edit wars. What can and should be done to fix that?

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