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According to Wikipedia “In a machine shop, machinists use machine tools and cutting tools to make parts, usually of metal or plastic”, but once the concept gets to OSM it seems to break down to multiple concepts:

a) The facility is a factory which contains a machine shop to manufacture pieces to go into the company’s own products or the associated prototyping in accordance with the factory’s own blueprint. What’s being sold to the client is not the services of the machine shop on their own, but the tangible finished product.

b) The facility is a job shop or a contract manufacturer. The client brings in a blueprint or a concept specific enough to create the CAD/CAM design, the machine shop creates the part and the client owns both blueprint and the finished pieces. What’s being sold is the machine shop service as a standalone item much like Tag:shop=3d_printing specifies that “a 3D printing shop offers 3D printing as a service”.

c) the facility is a factory that actually makes machines.

I’d expect that the appropriate tags are:

a) Tag:man_made=works and Key:product - OpenStreetMap Wiki = * as the machine shop is internal to the factory, where we don’t care as it’s the final product that’s sold. We list just the output.

b) Tag:industrial=machine_shop - OpenStreetMap Wiki if the machinist’s talents are marketed independently, so that any client can bring their own blueprints and get custom parts made.

c) Tag:product=machinery - OpenStreetMap Wiki if this factory actually makes machines.

Unfortunately, what’s currently on the wiki either fails to distinguish (a) from (b) or muddles all three concepts together. Tag:industrial=machine_shop is marked as “deprecated” on the pretext that " The recommended replacement is:Tag:man_made=works + Key:product =* ." which makes no sense as (b) and (a) are different concepts.

Is the facility a factory making a product, or is it a job shop taking custom requests from clients?

The description on Tag:product=machinery as “place where a variety of parts are machined for different companies” is just plain wrong; that’s (b) - a freestanding machine shop - when the product=machinery tag should actually be (c) - a factory making machines. That’s what’s on the wiki’s Key:product description “product=machinery when output is machinery” currently.

I propose that Tag:industrial=machine_shop be un-deprecated and put back into use where (b) the services of the machine shop are being marketed directly instead of (a) the machine shop being captive and integral to a factory’s making its own product, the associated prototypes or whatever the facility creates for its own use.

The associated wiki entries will also need to be corrected as they are currently contradictory or wrong.

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