Broad undiscussed New England place name reclassification

Hello New England mappers. There has been another widespread place name reclassification across the region that appears to to significantly misinterpret the meaning of various settlement place tags. I’ve reviewed the changes in Vermont so far and have noticed the following issues:

  • Upgraded appropriately tagged place=village nodes to place=town
  • Downgraded appropriately tagged place=village nodes to place=neighbourhood
  • Downgraded appropriately tagged place=town nodes to place=village
  • Downgraded appropriately tagged place=city nodes to place=town
  • Added unnecessary duplicate place nodes, often with name of municiple boundary rather than settlement name
  • Moved place nodes from appropriate location to a less appropriate location

There proabably are some classification changes needed in Vermont, but these don’t appear to align with previous discussions we’ve had or the generally accepted meanings of these tags. I plan to revert these three changesets affecting Vermont and will invite the mapper (@edops) to discuss in this thread.

Similar changes have been made across New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, and Maine.
I assume these follow the same pattern and probably also qualify for reverts, but I’ll wait for others more familiar with these states to look them over.

Previous topic on New England place name inflation for reference.

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