Building import on Madeira

Dear Portugal community, in late 2023 a mapper complained about hundreds of duplicate buildings on Madeira, and buildings intersecting with roads and other stuff. I have looked at this now and found that user @NunoCaldeira has performed an import of Microsoft Building Footprints.

Was this import discussed and agreed in the community? The changesets do not contain any links to wiki pages or anything.

The import was in October 2022; yet still more than 70.000 buildings carry a tag of " fixme=validate geometry using the maproulette task".

It is of course a very bad idea to import data into OSM first and promise to fix it later - as we can see here, with 70.000 buildings still sitting there unverified.

I am proposing to delete all buildings that have this fixme tag. Buildings can be re-imported from MS Building Footprints once someone actually has the time to ensure that the quality is good, rather than dumping bad-quality data on OSM and hoping someone else might fix it some time!


Best regards
Frederik Ramm

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