Bulgaria - Add Surface to Highway

Hello Bulgaria community!

I hope you are all doing well. I would like to share another type of challenges that might be an interest to you which is Bulgaria - Add Surface to Highway; the team queried OSM for ways with certain highway=* values where the surface tag was missing. This approach can help you detect and include any missing surface tags on a road network.

This challenge needs the use of appropriate aerial imagery source/s, street level imagery service, and local knowledge to investigate the situation and assign the most appropriate value to the surface key. For small gaps, the value of the surface key on the surrounding ways could serve as a hint.

For further information regarding the challenge, please refer to the Bulgaria GitHub page and MapRoulette challenge description.

You may also be interested in this tool, called RoadRunner, that generates centerlines that can be used to create or realign road geometry, you can check Sofia and even dowanload the whole country and/or us it as a custom background in ID Editor using the following URL: https://roadrunner.innovation.tomtom-global.com/styles/basic/{z}/{x}/{y}.png

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