Bulgaria - Adding Missing Forests and Green Areas

Good morning, Bulgaria!

I am excited to introduce a new category of MapRoulette challenges (Bulgaria - Adding Missing Forests and Green Areas: MapRoulette).
Our TomTom team has recently identified instances of missing forests and green areas through a spatial comparison with our map database. Our aim is for you to kindly detect and potentially add these absent forests and green spaces, utilising your local expertise and the most suitable sources available, there might have official names that require verification before inclusion.

This particular challenge comprises 123 tasks. Please be aware that false positives could be present. Therefore, we kindly urge you to leverage your local knowledge and rely on credible sources to rectify these matters.

You are more than welcome to reach out to me by responding to this post or by leaving a comment on Bulgaria’s GitHub page (Bulgaria | Data Improvements · Issue #169 · tomtom-international/open-data · GitHub) or directly on the MapRoulette challenge task.
Wishing you an enjoyable time while editing!

Best regards,
Salim, TomTom

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