Bulgaria - Fix Building and Water Intersections

Good morning Bulgaria Community!

I wanted to share an exciting MapRoulette challenge with you today, which focuses on buildings and water intersection (Bulgaria - Fix Building and Water Intersections).

Our team has identified these challenges through a spatial comparison of water features and buildings available in OSM. We would greatly appreciate your review and resolution of the tasks involved, which include identifying and fixing situations where a water feature intersects with a building.

The challenge consists of 59 tasks, spread all over country. Please note that false positives may exist, so we kindly request that you apply your local knowledge and utilize the most reliable sources available to address these issues.

Feel free to contact me by replying to this post/email or by leaving a comment on Bulgaria GitHub or the MapRoulette challenge task itself.

Wishing you a wonderful time and editing!

Salim, TomTom

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