Bulgaria - Fix inconsistent bridge and tunnel tagging

Hello OSM Bulgaria community,

I would like to introduce a new MapRoulette challenge focused on fixing inconsistent bridge and tunnel tagging (Bulgaria - Fix inconsistent bridge and tunnel tagging).

Following the guidelines outlined in the OSM Wiki, we have developed a process to identify cases where bridges and tunnels have been inconsistently tagged. Our goal is to draw your attention to these issues and provide an opportunity for the community to improve this feature.

There are currently 59 tasks in this challenge. The objective is to identify and correct cases where the bridge or tunnel has been incorrectly tagged. We trust that mappers will make use of suitable imagery and their local knowledge to investigate each situation and add missing ways if they confirm their existence.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to me directly or reply to this post. You can also leave your comments on the Bulgaria GitHub or MapRoulette challenge page.

Thank you, and I wish you a wonderful editing experience as always.

cc: @rhhs @Dimitar155

Best regards,
Salim, TomTom

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